Reinterpreting Space

The story begins when a Saudi developer meets a famous Greek architect on the island of Mykonos, and together they dream of the new and improved Saudi house. Step by step and wall by wall, they recreate the space to modernize Saudi functions while maintaining a sense of culture and history. From the stones used to the decorative patterns, Villa infuses Saudi character and heritage into its innovative architecture. A welcoming, open space, filled with natural light.

Infusing Saudi character into innovative architecture

A word by the Architect

“Our aim and passion has always been around the design and construction of high end residential projects. Our main focus is to create a unique experience for the residents and provide the maximum utilization of space with respect to the local culture and natural environment. Our goal is to achieve a harmonious atmosphere with a strategic rearrangement of geometric forms. The choice of minimal design in combination with the manipulation of shapes and volumes create an ideal architectural experience. Minimal Order with a luxurious touch.”

-Dimitris Agiostratitis, 1 Architects

A contemporary home

The use of glass throughout invites natural light into the home and merges the outdoor with the indoor space. The traditional partitions were removed to create a more fluid, circular flow around the house so that family member and guests can enjoy the entire space. The Saudi house has become one space, one family home.