About the Developer

Villa Real Estate Investment and Development Company (Villa) is a Saudi Limited Liability Company established and owned by FORUS Company. Relying on the decades of experience and success of FORUS, Villa was established to develop modern residential projects designed for the sophisticated Saudi family evolving into a modernized Saudi Arabia.

Modern & sophisticated, fit for the evolving Saudi Lifestyle

About the Founder

As a Saudi who lives and works in Saudi Arabia, Doctor Mohammed Al Malik created a modern concept that fits his own evolving lifestyle. With many years of experience in the Real Estate industry, Al Malik prides himself in always working with the best in the business, associated to a renown Greek Architect. He also chooses to deal with the world’s best to ensure quality and refinement in each of the homes he builds.

Mr. Malik is also founder the Vivienda Luxury Hotel concept, and has completed dozens of successful projects in Saudi Arabia over the last two decades, always working on the concept of modernizing the Saudi lifestyle.

Other Businesses by Forus

Spreading over six prime locations in Riyadh and Jeddah, Vivienda’s 190 villas are designed in a variety of styles and sizes to provide its esteemed guests with maximum privacy, comfort and impeccable service. More than a hotel, Vivienda is a place to find tranquility and relaxation.